Mally Mall Feat. Tyga, YG, & Jazz Lazer "Eat" Video

Trevor Smith
April 15, 2014 13:11

Mally Mall shares his video for "Eat", featuring Tyga, YG, and Jazz Lazer.

Mally Mall has said that he aspires to be a "West Coast Khaled", and he's well on his way there.

Assembling a crew track with Tyga, YG, and his own artist Jazz Lazer, Mally definitely knows how to put a posse cut together.

He's also looking to transcend the DJ role, as he contributes a hook here, and plans to make his name as an artist as well as a curator.

If you're looking for more recent music from Mally, make sure to check out his single, "Wake Up In It", as well as his collaboration with Jazz Lazer, "Impressive". 

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