Malia Obama Twerking At Lollapalooza

Rose Lilah
August 02, 2016 15:33

Footage of Malia Obama dancing at Lollapalooza is making its way across the internet.

Apparently President Barack Obama's daughter, Malia Obama, already stirred the pot when she decided to attend Lollapalooza festival in Chicago rather than the Democratic National Convention. Thus this video that's circulating the internets since the festival weekend ended isn't helping quell the controversy.

In our phone-ready generation everyone/everything runs the risk of getting caught on camera, but obviously those chances more than double when you're a celebrity. Malia was shaking her booty with her friends and now it's going viral on the internet. Unfortunately this video doesn't have audio, so we're not sure what song she's turning up to. Any guesses???

A second video circulating (Malia been twerking) shows Malia dancing during Mac Miller's set. That one can be seen below.

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Malia Obama Twerking At Lollapalooza