There has been a brand new debate raging within NBA circles over the past couple of days thanks to the likes of Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard. Both players feel as though continuing the season would be a distraction to the issues that truly matter right now. Protests continue to manifest around the country and people want justice and equality. With this in mind, Irving wants to convince players to boycott the rest of the season.

Well, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Irving's task could prove to be extremely difficult. While appearing on Get Up!, Wojnarowski revealed that the majority of players are adamant about returning to the court in July and that they would much rather use their platform on live television when millions of people will be watching.

Based on the sounds of things, it appears as though Irving and Howard are a vocal minority when it comes to canceling the rest of the season. While their efforts are admirable, there is simply too much money at stake here and if the season is, in fact, canceled, NBA players could stand to lose millions on their next contracts.

Over the next few weeks, the NBA and its players will have a lot to discuss whether it be on the social justice front, or the details surrounding the bubble city. With this in mind, stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.