Majid Jordan dropped their anticipated album The Space Between today. The 13-track project shows the duo dialled in more to their sound and production. Majid singing stronger and Jordan killing the beats with sounds that boast an old-school feel mixed with today's popular production sounds. 

In an interview with Billboard discussing their drop, the duo explains how the album came together. Admitting that its only been a year since their last self-titled drop that boasted the track "Something About You" that has now surpassed 30 million streams on Soundcloud, they say their new album is a move that keeps them creating and keeps them "staying in that mode."

"It's only been a year, but nowadays, people are coming out with new music all the time. I just think that it's important to keep creating and to keep staying in that mode and you know, hopefully, something will come out of that as a result. For us, it's this project that we're so, so excited about that we cannot wait to be out there in the world," Majid explains.

"I think it's gonna touch a lot of people, and it's gonna really give people a journey to just accompany them in whatever they're doing, whether it's travelling or walking around and seeing things. This music will accompany them and open their eyes to things, I think."

All their work has managed to be non-explicit, a move made to keep their demographics open to both those younger and older. When asked about what it's been like trying to cater to their fan base, Majid says, "I think there's a misunderstanding between catering to and wanting to communicate to. We cater to ourselves and we cater to what we want to hear. I try to collaborate with Jordan on trying to tap into an idea that I want to tap into with his help and vice versa, but leaving it open to that wide-ranging amount of people allows us to communicate to more people. That's what I think is the most important thing."

Speaking of OVO and labelmates PartyNextDoor, DVSN and Roy Wood$, Majid says the love that everyone has for each other is because of founders, such as Drake, who started October's Very Own.

"We have a bond and I think a lot of that comes down to the strength of the people who founded the label and thought everything through, he says. "From the artistic side to the personal side, we're all people who share the same ideals and the same respect for ourselves and our respect for others. That translates because we're such fans of one another."