Maino recently hit up Funkmaster Flex to bequeath some cherished gift unto his host: "bars." Upon satisfying Funk Flex's daily quota, Maino and was sent on his merry way, until the next time Flex requires yet another dose of sustenance. 

Though Flex is indeed a tough critic, he tends to enjoy Maino's lyrical offerings; the iconic host is clearly in a jovial mood, going so far as to provide ample commentary throughout the session. The laughter flows in spades, as Maino finds himself interrupted by Flex's uninhibited glee. He seems to particularly enjoy a few playful shots at Hell Rell, who recently found himself in a viral scuffle of sorts. When pressed by a hysterical Flex, Maino applies the "anybody can get it" logic.

He continues without missing a beat, restarting his rhymes from scratch and this time, getting through them unscathed by Flex's excitement. For those seeking that classic lyrical heat, be sure to check out Maino's latest, in which the rapper proves his worth and leaves the Funkmaster with yet another belly-full of the bars he so covets.