According to HipHopDX, Brooklyn emcee Maino has been chosen to star as the lead character in a hip hop musical called 'Freedom' that will shed light on unjust incarceration. Most recently, he appeared in ItsTheReal's latest video 'Beef Wit Us' in the role of a "soft nerd." His next acting gig is quite the opposite, addressing what the playwrights believe is a serious issue. 

From the press release: "Jurors go into trials thinking that if a defendant was seen committing a crime, and they confessed to doing the crime, they are guilty. However, statistics show that in 25% of the cases where the defendant was exonerated because of DNA, they had made incriminating statements, confessed, or plead guilty. Mistaken identifications account for a third of wrongful convictions. Statistics reveal innocent people get convicted every day."

The production is based on the false arrest and conviction of David Ranta, who was convicted of murdering rabbi Chaskel Werzberger in 1991. He was released last month after serving more than 20 years. 

Maino will appear on stage alongside actress Felecia Gorham, and lyricist/composer Chi-Ill will handle the score. 

Peep the video for 'Beef Wit Us' below, and stay tuned for updates.