Over the course of his career, Maino has been at least somewhat of a divisive figure. Though his music has certainly retained some of its popularity throughout the years, he's also been known for taking thinly-veiled shots at the current members of the hip-hop game, looking down his nose from the position of an elder statesmen and calling out new trends. For example, he made a polarizing lyrical remark earlier this year when he spat the following line: "They don't love you less you dressed like a drag queen." Whether you think he was figuratively spitting in the face of the LGBT community with that remark, this new update is even more shocking - looks like Maino also spits in faces literally as well.

According an multiple reports on social media, the artist supposedly spat in the face of a woman who was staying at the same Miami hotel that he was. No one's quite sure what the reason is, but she allegedly took a swing at him and that show of physical aggressiveness was what prompted Maino's saliva-based response to the situation. You can see his security team try to break them up in the video of the incident's aftermath. You can watch it below.


A rare response to any sort of altercation, the spitting incident has made Maino the object of some brutally honest comments, with one Instagram user saying that they'd "rather someone hit [them]." On the other hand, there's no telling what sort of words were exchanged by one or the other that made the flare-up such a volatile one. Maino or his representatives, nor anyone connected with the hotel in Miami, have offered up any clarifications at this time. All that's certain at this stage is that the negative public perception of the rapper is definitely higher than it was yesterday.

You can check out his music video with Uncle Murda for the track "Gang Gang Gang" here.