Regardless of your background, we live in a day and age where anyone has the ability to become famous. Social media has made it capable for everyone to gain access to followers and fans, causing people to create online personas that help them grab ahold of their 15 minutes of fame. Rapper Maino addressed the phenomenon in a clip he shared on Instagram, mentioning that he's sick of people fronting online just to obtain a few likes and hearts.

"Everybody's a celebrity. Everybody is lit," he began, saying that there's no one left who is just the Average Joe, especially when going out to nightclubs. "Nobody is regular. Nobody is a regular human being. She don't want to stand [in] the line because she lit. She need to be V.I.P. treated. This person over here, he can't wait [in] the line for the club. This person over there need to be handled a certain kind of way. Everybody lit."

Maino said he's not going out like that; not as a person faking the funk for followers, and not as someone who trusts everything he sees online. "I'll be damned if I be one of these n*ggas that I believe what I see on social media, believe everything that these n*ggas is showing me...These dudes is so crazy. Whatever n*ggas show 'em, they believe. They show a n*gga some money. Oh, that n*gga rich. You show a n*gga guns, that n*gga a killer. What the f*ck is goin' on? I'll be damned if I traded my integrity, my principles, my beliefs, just so I can feel like I'm cool for a couple of likes."