This morning we reported on remarks that Trinidad James while he was performing in NYC last night, when he said that the South runs New York "musically." The backlash was inevitable, and soon followed, with Trinidad responding by defending his position and views on Twitter.

Now a fellow rapper, Maino, who is a Brooklyn native, has come to the defense of New York rap and has been tweeting a lot at Trinidad James. Among Maino's shots at Trinidad, he asks "whoΒ let this Rotten Teeth niggaΒ @TrinidadJamesGG disrespect us lastnite." Maino added later, "imma brush those teeth when I see u baby boy. U a street nigga rite?"

Trinidad James replied to Maino, saying, "you a real nigga Bruh. You don't have to say that on twitter. You better than that. u can hit my line my nigga. That's 100."

Check out Maino's full set of tweets below.


[Update: Maino Calls Trinidad On The Phone]

The dust hasn't settled just yet. It appears Maino had some more words for Trinidad and decided to take it to the phone lines to address it. During their discussion, an angry Maino confronted TJ and demanded an apology for New York.Β 

Take a listen to their phone call below.