Since unexpectedly quitting his job prior to the Los Angeles Lakers' final game of the season, Magic Johnson has taken to social media to numerous times to thank members of the organization, including controlling owner Jeanie Buss and general manager Rob Pelinka.

The Lakers' former President of Basketball Operations returned to twitter on Thursday morning with a cryptic message that is sure to drum up more speculation regarding his decision to resign. The tweet simply reads, "The truth will always come to light.☺️"

Magic's latest tweet regarding "the truth" comes just one day after Rich Bucher reported on some behind the scenes "backstabbing" - including an email exchange between Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka - that could have led to Johnson's decision to step down.

Bucher told Cowherd on Wednesday (H/T USA Today):

“My understanding is that there were some emails that were exchanged between Rob and Jeanie…about Magic and about what Magic was and wasn’t doing. They were critical emails. And somehow, someway, Jeanie, from what I understand, was CC’ing or blind CC’ing Magic on everything. That was sort of protocol. Standard issue.

Somehow, the exchange between Rob and Jeanie ended up on that string of the blind CC’s that were going to Magic. So, Magic now is seeing emails from Rob to Jeanie that were critical of what he was doing and maybe most important in all this is that there was no indication that Jeanie was backing Rob up in terms of either going to Magic and letting him know this was going on or going back at Rob and defending Magic. That was not happening and so when he talked about the backstabbing, to me, my understanding that’s what started it. The fact that Jeanie waved goodbye and said ‘Thank you for all that you did’ was that she didn’t necessarily disagree with what Rob was saying.”