On Thursday, we reported that two Texas teens were harassed at a Whataburger for wearing "Make America Great Again" hats. One teen, Hunter Richard, claimed that he and his friend were just enjoying food when an adult approached them. The adult has since been identified as 30-year-old Kino Jimenez. The altercation was captured on tape, and Jimenez can be seen throwing a drink at Richard while holding the teens MAGA hat in his hand. “Ya’ll ain’t supporting shit n***a,” he exclaims before adding, “this is gonna go great in my f***ing fireplace b**ch.” Richard claimed the attack was unprovoked, and Jimenez was arrested by police last week. Now, one eyewitness is claiming that there is more to the story. 

According to KENS5a witness claimed that the teens were making racist comments about Black and Hispanic people. The exact quotes have since been removed from the article, due to "concerns about the legitimacy of the statements." The witness, who chose to remain anonymous due to threats, claimed that he did not see the moment when Jimenez threw the drink, but he witnessed the situation prior to the attack before leaving. The witness continued on to state that another man asked the teens to stop making disparaging comments and that is what caused him to leave with his family before things escalated.