Madonna recently shared a string of photos to her Instagram story that saw her two adoptive daughters posing in front of a slice of watermelon. The images make it seem as though the slice of watermelon are her daughters' clothes but the possible innocent share has sparked outrage on social media. Considering the racial history behind watermelon and Black people, users are shaking their heads at Madonna for her insensitive post, especially considering that it's not the first time

"White folks have been making fun of black folk for their love of watermelon since the slave days. I'm sure that Madonna is FULLY aware of this. She's a white woman raising black kids, she should be consciously aware of her actions. End of story," one Twitter user wrote, while another user defended Madonna: "Madonna is a wholeass fool but I doubt that she did this on purpose, it’s a cute photo with fruit, blk ppl can get in on the trend too...or should we avoid doing anything with watermelon and fried chicken bc of stupid stereotypes? let kids have fun." 

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

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