Staying relevant isn't easy in 2019, especially if you're an ageing pop star. There are still many ways to stay hip though (despite Andre 3000's claim that "you can always hop, but you won’t always be hip"). You can go the Future route, and put out an album with the teen friendly emo-rapper Juice WRLD to boost your streams or you can ask yourself the question: "what would Blac Chyna do?"

Madonna evidently had one of those moments leading up to the new year, and decided that to begin 2019, she needed a bigger butt. In a video of her performance at the Stonewall Inn (the site of the eponymous riots of 1969), her backside seems to have an unnatural bump to it:

Surgical rumours aside, Madonna performed some of her greatest hits at the surprise show, accompanied by her 13-year-old son Davida Banad on the guitar. The performance is called a tribute to the legacy of the Stonewall, as the famous riots will have their 50th anniversary this year. Watch a video of Madonna performing there below: