Madonna can't stay out of hip-hop news lately. The pop icon just released her new album, Rebel Heart, two days ago, and called upon three rappers for assistance. She's also been working with two of the biggest rappers currently, Kanye West and Drake. It's all in an effort to stay hip and ahead of the curve-- something Madonna has done through out her career.

During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Madonna took a moment to bring us back to the '90s, when her career was still on the rise, and confirmed that she "secretly" dated Tupac. She seemed to think that it was public knowledge. Madonna tells Stern that she was feeling "very gangster" during the time they dated.

The revelation comes when she's talking about interviews she did with David Letterman. She says, "I was mad at [David Letterman] when I said the F-word a lot. I was in a weird mood that day. I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is he got me all riled up on life in general. So when I went on the show I was feeling very gangsta."

"I think people know, if they're 'in the know'," she said of her relationship with Pac.

Listen to the audio from the interview below.