Madonna, who is never one to shy away from controversy, has fuelled water cooler talk once again with another scandalous Instagram selfie. In it, the "Like a Virgin" songstress poses topless, with only a black fedora, and a gold chain adorning her neck. While her nipples are consciously cropped out of the image, the rest of the composition leaves little to the imagination. 

In the photo, Madonna can be seen wearing a chain that reads "Mambo," the nickname given to her by her children David Banda, Mercy James, Estere and Stella. Madonna also tagged the photo "Sunday Bloody Sunday 🙏🏻 #under #his #eye #praise #be" which is most likely a reference to Handmaid's Tale. The fit mother of six has always flaunted her killer physique throughout her tenure as the Queen of Pop, whether writhing around on stage in revealing outfits, or bearing her ample bosom for all to witness.

Just last month, Madonna posted an even racier selfie to Instagram, which again depicted the music icon topless. However, Madonna's breasts can be seen in full view, with only a consciously-placed Louis Vuitton bag and some black scribbles effectively censoring her nipples. 

At almost 60, Madonna is continuing to provoke the general public through her appearance, squashing any misconceptions that women cannot flaunt themselves past a certain age.