Madonna must have lost her mind. Either that or she is hella bored. The singer, referred to as "the queen of pop" by many, posted a picture of the Carters today. The image depicts the power couple looking up to a wall adorned with a bunch of her portraits. The photo of the pair is artsy and cute, so we can understand why the "Like A Virgin" singer would want to share it on Instagram. Her caption, however, wasn't well formulated: "Learning from the Master #equals #freedom." The racial implications of the word master, which was noticed by many Instagram users, is unsettling in this context. Some might find this to be an opinion formed by overly-sensitive minds, but Madonna herself felt the need to change the caption, replacing the word "master" with "teacher."

Thankfully, she won't be dragged and labeled a racist, but it seems like the Beyhive is still mad, based on the comment section of the post below.

It is unlikely that Madonna meant any harm with the post she shared today. Consider the fact that she is a minority partner in the Tidal venture, for example. She must be friendly with the Carters. And how can she be racist, when she is known to have dated Tupac AND Dennis Rodman, amiright? LOL. Anyway, at the end of the day, Everything Is Love, so we good.