Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's Pinata is somewhat of a modern-day classic, at least in the eyes of many. With such lofty praise comes equally lofty expectations, and the spiritual successor Bandana has been a work-in-process. Sadly, the lack of concrete updates suggests something closer to Detox than a tangible reality. Yet worry not. Salvation may very well be on the way. 

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Madlib has officially taken to Instagram to provide an update. Scare on the detail to be sure, but an update nonetheless. "We are clearing samples ..." he writes, alongside an intriguing picture. Unfortunately, given the nature of Madlib's production, that could be a lengthy process indeed. Still, the wheels are in motion, and perhaps we will hear Bandana before long. It's fitting that the news comes on Dilla's birthday; it's as if the production stars have aligned. 

Look for that Bandana joint to surface, whenever the sample-clearing process comes to pass.