It's been a minute since we've heard from MadeinTYO, but it would seem that the former XXL Freshman has decided that was time to change. Tokyo recently took to Twitter to provide an update about his new album, which is set to be called Sincerely Tokyo. 

"My debut album is done. I know it’s been a min since I dropped my last project, been learning about myself as an artist, a friend, a father," writes Tokyo. "THIS ALBUM is for my fans & a mixture of some of my friends that are helping me grow musically."

It's interesting to note his interpretation of a "debut," which has become increasingly fluid in recent memories. Clearly, some artists don't count mixtapes as official "debuts," implying a certain sense of weight to the process. Either way, it's clear that Sincerely, Tokyo will be a personal project for MadeinTYO, whom we last heard on True's World.

The project has yet to secure a release date, but we shall keep you posted on that front.