As expected, security for the next Madden tournament has been raised to Presidental levels. This past weekend, David Katz shot and killed two gamers and took his own life during an eSports Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. Almost a dozen others were injured during the shootout, which has left the northern Florida city in shambles. Now, according to TMZan upcoming tournament centered around the game in Virginia is being heavily regulated. 

Dennis C. Wiltshire, who is a rep for FIAD Entertainment Group, spoke with TMZ about the security for the upcoming event. FIAD Entertainment Group is organizing the official Madden tournament in Dulles, Virginia. Wiltshire claims that his organization went into panic mode within minutes of hearing about the shooting in Florida. Florida has very lax gun laws, and Virginia is not much different. Open carry is allowed in the state, but Wiltshire claims that his company won't be allowing any guns on the premise. 

Wiltshire says that both local law enforcement and independent security contractors have been contacted to help beef up security for the event, which takes place this weekend. The specifics of all other security measures are being kept under wraps to help ensure the safety of the competitors and attendees.