One of the most popular EA Sports franchises is Madden and on August 2nd, Madden 20 will be released to the masses. The star of the game will be Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who was the league MVP this season. He will be on the cover of the game and according to Sports Illustrated, he actually got to help develop one of the newest game modes.

This game mode is being called "Face of the Franchise: QB1" which is essentially a career mode that lets you start out in college football and then work your way up to the pros. Back in 2013, EA Sports their popular NCAA video game series due to issues involving using players' likeness. Now, fans who missed out on the NCAA experience will be able to live it in Madden 20, although they'll only have 10 schools to choose from. Those schools include Clemson, Miami, Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma, LSU, Texas, USC, Florida State, and Texas Tech.

The mode will allow you to create your quarterback, choose a team, and then play in the CFB playoffs. From there, you go to the combine and get drafted into the NFL where you'll be able to create a legacy for yourself.

Are you interested in the new game mode?