Sony is looking to expand its movie universe. According to a report from ColliderSony is currently developing a Madame Web film. This would be the fourth film in Sony's ever-expanding Spider-Verse. The first was Venom, starring Tom Hardy. Next was the animated film Into The Spider-Verse and the following film on the schedule is the Jared Leto starring Moribus. Although Venom and Miles Morales are pretty popular in pop culture, Moribus and Madame Web are lesser-known. This gives Sony a fresh opportunity to deliver something Marvel fans have not seen yet. While Moribus is a vampire and Spidey enemy, Madame Web is more of a hero. 

Madame Web is often portrayed as an elderly woman who is blind and suffering from a rare disease. She is hooked up on a form of life support that looks like spiderwebs, and she has precognitive abilities and sometimes is also shown with low-level telekinetic powers as well. Morbius writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have been hired to write the Madame Web movie script. While this is all speculation, it does appear that Sony is planning to perform some type of cross-universe event. Madame Web may be the key to accessing different universes, and possibly bringing Tom Holland's Spider-Man into the world of Venom and Moribus.