Macklemore made his return back into the limelight this year with his latest album, Gemini. The project served as his first solo project, sans Ryan Lewis, since 2009. He's been on tour and delivering to his fans throughout North America. He recently ended the tour on Tuesday and yesterday, he paid a visit to Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where he revealed a pretty personal aspect of his life.

Macklemore previously revealed that he bought a painting of a naked Justin Bieber with pancakes covering his crotch. While it's already a strange thing to tell people, he went onto Andy Cohen's show to give a bit of a backstory about the painting.

"You know, I bought it off Etsy as a white elephant Santa gift that at the end of the night just stayed at my house. No one took it," he said.

After acknowledging the fact that it's been something he's been known for and has made headlines, he says he ultimately found a purpose for the piece of art.

"It goes right above my bed, and you know, whenever I'm with my wife, intimately. I can always stare if I want to control my orgasm," he said to laughter, "Slow it down."

It's a strange piece of artwork to have in the house but at least he found some sort of practical use for it. During the show, he was also joined alongside T-Pain and after he admitted that he has yet to speak to Bieber about the painting, Pain chimed in.

"I mean, that question has to be burning his brain... Obviously if I had a picture of anybody with pancakes over their dick, obviously it'd be the start of the conversation," T-Pain said.

It's definitely a strange painting to have but Macklemore seems to have found some sort of practical use for it at this point. However, it's pretty hilarious that this painting has made headlines yet he and Justin Bieber have never had a conversation surrounding it. Once it happens, maybe Macklemore will live to tell the tale next time he's on Andy Cohen's show. 

Watch the clip below: