Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have enjoyed enormous success over the past year, and their album The Heist doesn't seem to be falling off the charts any time soon, so it's looking like the duo can now sit back and relax while they get more and more famous.

And that seems to be exactly what they are doing. Since dropping The Heist, Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis have been unusually quite, not dropping any new music. Now the manager of the two reveals that they are all planning to disappear for awhile, so no, there is not a Macklmore mixtape on the way.

"Yea, we’re gonna disappear for a little while," says their manager Zach Quillen. "This album cycle is coming to a close. We’ll I imagine go to the Grammys in January this year and afterwards, kind of call it quits for a bit and take some time off. The guys are gonna get into the studio next year and see what happens. But we’re in no rush."

The hibernation will likely result in a new album. "There’s no Macklemore mixtape or attempt at kind of staying around.  I think we’re gonna disappear for a little while and try to make some good music and find an interesting way of putting it out. I think it’ll be a quiet year."

This year, the independently-released debut album The Heist hit platinum, while "Thrift Shop" went 5x platinum and "Can't Hold Us" also went platinum.

[via XXL]