Mack Wilds Talks "Henny" Single, VIBE Magazine Cover

Rose Lilah
August 07, 2014 12:21

Mack Wilds chops it up with our boy Baker while "Under The Influence."

R'n'b singer Mack Wilds is another artist tapped for Wiz Khalifa's "Under The Influence", so of course we had to catch up with him while he was on the road. Following up from yesterday's sit-down with Sage The Gemini, we're giving you another exclusive interview with Mack.

Mack talks with Baker about his "Henny" single and why he chose to make a song dedicated to the drink, nabbing the cover of VIBE magazine, and more. Baker closes out the interview by playing a quick game of 'guess the lyrics' with Mack. Watch it above to see if he can guess whose lyrics are who's.

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INTERVIEWS Mack Wilds Talks "Henny" Single, VIBE Magazine Cover