It looks as if YMCMB will have another gigantic year in 2013. Young Money president Mack Maine, who dropped his own mixtape last week, has revealed what they have planned for the coming year, as well as providing some inside info on what some of the projects will sound like.

Mack said to expect new releases from Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, Jay Sean, Bow Wow, Mystikal, Busta Rhymes, as well as a Young Money compilation.

On I Am Not a Human Being II, Maine said to expect Wayne at his strangest and most lyrical. “It’s lyrically insane,” he said. “When he does the I Am Not a Human Being, he actually taps into a different part of his brain where he just talks out of his mind and out of this world. Just expect him being Wayne, but more edgy, saying what he wants, a lot of fun, a lot of high energy.”

The N.O. rapper also commented on the artwork for IANAHB2.“We don’t have a Kanye track on there, so we improvised and we got a cover from him,” he said. “He did 2 Chainz’ cover [Based on a T.R.U. Story], and we liked 2 Chainz’ cover... Kanye’s great, he’s brilliant.”

Mack said there's still no release date for Drake's recently titledNothing Was The Same, but shared some details on what Drizzy and 40 had been working on in the studio. "I heard some of it. It's Great." he said. “He’s on the same pace as he always is to drop a classic. He’s like 10 songs in. Knowing him, that’s only like 4 songs, he probably won’t keep 6 of them. He’s a perfectionist though.”

As for the second Young Money compilation, Maine says their only one track in, but plan to do more work soon. “I’m trying to get some dates where we can all lock in.”

Watch the full interview below.