The moment has finally arrived. Tha Carter V will be on our devices in just a few days and we couldn't be any more excited. In fact, this Friday has the potential to be one of the most exciting days of the entire year for hip-hop fans. Not only are we finally going to be blessed with C5 but we're also expecting Kanye West's Yandhi and Logic's YSIV. With plenty of other albums being released and some high-profile singles, this week is going to get crazy. Of course, many were expecting Carter V to drop last week, which Weezy addressed in his official release date announcement yesterday. Mack Maine has been a major part of Tunechi's career and as a representative of Young Money, he publicly apologized to all the fans who were hyped up last week.

Mack Maine shared the official cover art for the fifth instalment of the Carter series as he apologized to fans for any confusion caused by their promotional tactics (or lack thereof.) He thanked all of the athletes that have been teasing the project, adding that they were likely the source of the confusion, writing, "It was tough to see y’all so ⬆️ then so disappointed but we never confirmed the 21st (sh*t was fun tho.) Well after waiting for years we HERE babbbbyyyy!" He has a point as September 21 was never actually announced by any members of the Young Money camp. We're still lucky to be receiving it just one week after being punked.

Mula SZN is officially underway. Are you ready for Carter V to drop?