Last year, Young Money President Mack Maine released a track called "Ethan Couch," named after the Texas teen who, in summer 2013, killed 4 people and injured 2 others while drunk driving. Couch did not go to prison following the incident; instead, he was sentenced to 10 years probation as well as rehabilitation therapy because he suffered from "affluenza," or the inability to understand the consequences of one's actions due to one's financial privilege. 

Maine wrote the song to comment on the racism inherent in the judge's decision, especially as he had seen Lil Wayne, also a wealthy male, get locked up for carrying a gun. 

It turns out that the male pictured on the song's cover art is not, in fact, Ethan Couch -- or at least that's what Mark and Becky English are claiming, reports TMZ. The couple is suing Mack Maine and Birdman (as the song was released via Cash Money) for allegedly putting their own (unnamed) son on the cover art and representing him as the notorious Ethan Couch. 

If their claims are legitimate, then Maine deserves at least a slap on the wrist for mistaking the wrong kid for Ethan Couch -- though the parents of said child are likely seeking a serious punishment. To be fair, the cover art isn't an actual photo, so we'll have to see what this English kid looks like to decide if there's enough likeness for a lawsuit. 

As for Birdman -- dude just can't stay outta court these days. 

Listen to "Ethan Couch" below and check out the cover art above.