Though it's been seventeen years since Ice Cube, Mack 10, and WC have connected to deliver some a Westside Connection album (their last was 2003's Terrorist Threats), many still look back on the group's reign fondly. So much so that desire for a reunion project still exists, unlikely though it might be. Today, Mack 10 hit up the Murder Master Music Show to speak on his musical future, touching on the possibility that Westside Connection might indeed ride again -- provided Ice Cube is interested in making it happen.

Westside Connection

 Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives

"That's the question of the year bro!" acknowledges Mack, making it clear that the demand remains high. "I don't know man! I'm down, I'm sure Dub is down. Somebody probably gotta ask Cube what it is gonna take because I really don't know. They ask me in traffic and everywhere and my answer is the same every day, I don't know, I really don't know."

While the fate of the "Bow Down" trifecta is unclear for the time being, he did clarify that he's got a new solo album ready to go. "With all the COVID stuff going on it gave me time to get in the studio," he confirmed. "I took advantage of this time to finally get an album done, it's called Red Print." The project will be his first since Soft White dropped in 2009. 

Check out Mack's appearance on the Murder Master Music Show below, and sound off -- would you be interested in a new Westside Connection album?