After maturing during the process of recording his Lace Up LP, a focused Machine Gun Kelly has been making the media rounds to promote his new album.  He stopped by the Breakfast Club and, as always, was very open about his personal life.  He’s recently been caught up in some extra-curricular activities after catching some mace in his eyes at the BET Awards, and having a show at a Microsoft Store cut short by police.  Kelly cleared up what happened at the Microsoft Store, and also talked about recording with the legendary DMX

Asked about his relationship with Bad Boy honcho, Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly says that contrary to previous reports, the two are on very good terms, “me and Puff actually kicked it heavy at the BET Awards.”  At those same awards, the Cleveland rapper caught some mace during the altercation between Gunplay and G-Unit, and it was just a case of ‘wrong place, wrong time’, “I was about to say ‘what’s up’ and introduce myself to Gunplay.”

MGK clears the air about the police stopping his performance at a Microsoft Store in promotion of The Source’s Power 30 list.  He was simply being his high-energy self, “I just, was just baffled that they would book me in a place [with expensive electronics everywhere]...I just hopped on a table and did my thing, they freaked out, and I just flicked off a couple people and left,” adding, “it was just a misunderstanding between Best Buy and Microsoft.”   The Bad Boy rapper was just being himself, and couldn’t understand why people were reacting how they did, “[I’m] starting to realize that people don’t do the things they talk about, cause I do the things I talk about...I thought people wanted Sex, Drug, and Rock n’ Roll.”

On his Lace Up album, the upstart rapper has a collabo with DMX, and Kells talks about how the two came together, “I just put those vibes out in the air that I liked DMX...and his people just reached out to me.”  The track “D3mons” has a typical DMX dark tone, and MGK talked about the recording process, “We had kicked both our crews out the room...drank like two bottles of Hennessy,” and adds a funny anecdote, “then went to Denny’s at like 9am and jumped on a table.”