Despite an outcry from his most vocal detractors, few can deny that Machine Gun Kelly is thriving. Coming off the release of his recent Hotel Diablo album, which spawned a series of high-octane tour dates with friend and collaborator Young Thug, MGK recently held it down with an insane set at Rolling Loud New York. In fact, insane is a rather mild way of putting it; video footage of the man scaling a metal tower sans wire had many wondering whether this was the day his journey came to an end. And yet the Gunner proved them wrong yet again, returning to solid ground in one piece. 

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Though he's hardly the first artist to brave such daring heights, he made sure to one-up the competition by performing from the tower's apex. Naturally, the fans watched with rapturous glee. Death himself, on the other hand, felt personally insulted by the blatant mockery. Unfazed, Kelly spent the remainder of his time at the festival connecting with his fellow artist. Most notably, Gunner linked with local hero Dave East, as evidenced by the latter's recent Gram post. From the look of it, they seem to be exchanging information, possibly even LinkedIn profiles.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Machine Gun Kelly has been killing the game of late. Not to mention, his athletic ability and daredevil's courage appear in peak form - where do you rank him among the game's great climbers?