With the ongoing pandemic rendering touring -- and revenue from any such business ventures -- all but obsolete, artists have been forced to think outside the box when it comes to performance. As such, many have turned to digital live stream performances, available to watch from the comfort of one's own home. Though arguably the antithesis of the live music experience, some have welcomed the ability to tune into a concert from their living room -- perhaps we're looking at a future innovation, the remnants of which might remain long after things return to "normal."

Machine Gun Kelly

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

In any case, Machine Gun Kelly is not about to miss out on his rockstar indulgences, especially not after the release of his upcoming pop-punk album Tickets To My DownfallSet to arrive this Friday, September 25th, MGK has decided to take his show on the road -- sort of, at least. On October 1st, Kelly will be performing the entirety of Tickets from the iconic Roxy venue. On October 8th, Kelly will be returning with another complete performance, this time of Hotel Diablo. 

"Two albums played in full," announces Kelly. "Two shows. Live at the Roxy on sunset strip. Tix to watch from home on sale this Friday." Should you be interested in seeing Kelly bring his two latest projects to life, be sure to check out the website included in his tweet below. Though some have drifted away following Gunner's major stylistic change, it goes without saying that he'll bring plenty of energy and passion to each performance, a testament to his dedication to his craft. Are you excited for MGK's upcoming foray into pop-punk?