If you were wondering what it was about Megan Fox that first caught Machine Gun Kelly's eye, he may have just let it slip. The musician recently did a segment for Teen Vogue in which he reacted to the Youtube comments on some of his music videos, and when it came time for him to discuss "Bloody Valentine," he got real about his foot fetish.

“I said ‘Sail’ was my favourite music video, but for other more personal reasons ‘Bloody Valentine’ might now be my favourite video,” MGK explained. The video stars his now-girlfriend, Megan Fox, and includes a shot of her stepping on MGK's face while his mouth is duct-taped shut. “It’s no secret I think feet are beautiful, and I think Megan has the most beautiful feet that exist,” he confessed. “…I was like ‘Megan, you already know what I’m about to ask you.’ She was like, ‘Yeah, I literally got a pedicure just because I knew you were going to ask me that.' So I was like, ‘Alright, well, plop it on.'”

Last month, MGK explained just how Megan became involved in the music video for "Bloody Valentine" in the first place. “I was playing Megan a lot of the Tickets to My Downfall songs,” he recalled. "I had made the call the day before the video and I was like, ‘Can you come over?’ and then we shot the video.” From that point on, they've been inseparable.