For a moment, forget the biases and preconceived notions that come with a hip-hop beef. True, the feud between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem has been raging for a minute, with loyalists on either side emerging to champion for their respective favorites. Unfortunately for Kelly, he ultimately found himself in the ring with one of the world's most popular artists, period. As such, the opposing team's fervor is to be expected. Yet Kelly is far from ready to bow out yet; in fact, his fan support has him feeling more confident than ever.

On the eve of his Binge EP, the rapper took to Twitter to pen a heartfelt thank-you to the ones repping for his cause. "Fans been holdin it down crazy," writes MGK, via Twitter. "I love y’all so much. stay unfazed. can’t wait tomorrow at midnite — BINGE EP drops." 

Say what you will, but you have to respect Kelly for handling this one with honor, taking the self-proclaimed Rap God with no shortage of moxie. MGK recently hit The Breakfast Club to talk a variety of topics; naturally, Eminem was covered at length, as were Halsey rumors, his G-Eazy beef, Mac Miller's passing, his drug use, and more. Ya'll checking for Binge tonight?