Machine Gun Kelly is known to be outspoken in his words and behavior, so for our latest sit-down with the rapper, after he visited DJ Skee's Skee Live TV show, we decided to get MGK to open up about his many and various sexual encounters.

The rapper first spoke to our host Jen DeLeon about some of his preferences-- female body part of choice, lights on or off, and soon enough the Bad Boy rapper was sharing some explicit personal stories. However, we did discover some things that were out of bounds for MGK-- his fetishes, apparently, are too weird to share.

"Hell yeah," the rapper answered when asked if he has any fetishes. "Sometimes I dunno if the world's ready, I just gotta hold back. I got some weird ones," he said, before concluding with his manager that he maybe shouldn't share his fetish just yet.

The conversation turned towards groupies, which it turns out is a not a word that Machine Gun Kelly approves of.

"I honestly hate the word groupies," he said during our interview. "'Cause I don't fuck groupies, I don't hang around groupies. I hate when people call fans that are on my bus or sleeping with me or somebody else a groupie. I hate that term, I think it's degrading. I like to believe that the people that come around me and come to our shows are genuine fans and they love the music. And there's nothing wrong with being attracted to someone from the music... Something is attractive about talent."

He concluded the interview by calling the hit book-turned-movie "50 Shades of Grey" tame in comparison to the shit he does.

"I've had such crazy sexual experiences, if I ever wrote a book.."50 Shades of Grey" and shit..I'm like, cool, I get it. But that's PG 13. Fucking chains and whips..The only thing he had better than me was a helicopter and a sweet penthouse. But fucking sex utilities and shit, he wasn't even tapping into some of the shit I've used."

Check out the entertaining interview below.