Machine Gun Kelly was arrested the other day in Florida for disorderly conduct and released shortly thereafter. When Diddy found out about the arrest of his recent signee, he took to Twitter to reach out to MGK, tweeting: "@machinegunkelly WtF!!!!!! Call me at miami crib now!!!!! Everyone hit him and tell him to call me NOW!!!!! Pls thanks!!!!"

MGK spoke to MTV News about the incident and Diddy's reaction, saying that Diddy was being playful but at the same time he was concerned: "You can tell he's, like, playful with it, but there's a serious tone behind [it]," he said. "I talked to Puff today, and he's like, 'It's all good. Do what you do. You did what you had to do.'"

Diddy had been misinformed that MGK had been arrested twice, a second time when his associate was driving drunk and crashed, which angered Diddy and his label more-- ""He thought I was in the car too, so he thought I got arrested twice. It was like the first arrest was cool, like, all right, he'll let it slide. But when he [thought it was two arrests], he was like, 'What the f---? You got arrested two times? Something is wrong with you, man,'" he said. "He was, like, spazzing out. I think all the label is on edge about how we rock."