With the success of his first studio effort, Machine Gun Kelly has been quickly maturing as an artist and a person.  The angst that drives his music is still present, but he does not let it control him as before, and he is more focused on creating great music.  Talking about collaborations he wants to have on future projects, MGK says he would like some cross-genre collabos to create a different sound.   He then talks about what a dream collabo with Eminem would be like, and addresses how he feels the media has been clowning DMX of late.

Asked who he would like to work with in the future, Kelly says obviously he would like to have records with some of the best rappers, but he also wants to reach outside of rap, “mostly just cross-genre people, that I don’t want to name, cause I don’t want anyone to steal my idea.” The Cleveland native explains, “ Cause everytime I name somebody I want to collaborate with, I see someone else’s album come out and they’re on it. And I’m like ‘you gotta be fucking kidding me.  You never listen to this person, how did you get this person to be on your album?’”

Discussing a dream collaboration with Slim Shady, the Lace Up rapper says if it ever happened it would be similar to his work with DMX, “That will be the day that everybody fucks with me...it’ll be a darker song.  It’ll be like me and X did ["Demons"].  I did the type of song you wanna hear DMX do...I’d bring the old Eminem out that I like.”

Addressing the current state of the Ruff Ryder emcee, Machine Gun Kelly does not like how he feels the media has turned on DMX after his bouts with drug addiction, and serving jail time, “They treat him like a joke now...it’s sad to see how people are so quick to embrace you and so quick to bring you down when you’re not.” He sees a correlation between himself and X, “Eventually I’m not gonna be hot, so eventually all you muthafuckas are gonna laugh at me and bring me down...X is just a stand up guy, he’s a very God-fearing guy.”