The feud with Eminem is still weighing heavy on Machine Gun Kelly's mind, clearly. Performing a stellar set at Rolling Loud Los Angeles this weekend, MGK was strolling around in the artist area backstage when he noticed No Jumper's Adam22 conducting an interview. The rapper didn't seem too pleased to see the media personality, especially considering the fact that he has said that Eminem beat him in their highly-public feud last year. Instead of taking the high road and ignoring the man, he went ahead and pulled a cheap shot on him and, of course, it was all captured live on camera.

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

In a video tweeted out by Adam22, Machine Gun Kelly can be seen walking up to Adam22 in the backstage area of Rolling Loud before attempting to smack the microphone out of his hand. According to Adam, it all had to do with his comments about Eminem. "MGK not too happy about me saying Eminem won that battle," Adam captioned the video. In the upload, the rapper appears to be visibly angry, walking off promptly after not saying a single word.

Perhaps MGK was just playing around with his friend or maybe this was actually his response to the Em declaration. Take a look below and let us know your thoughts.