Machine Gun Kelly is the leading character in Netflix's The Dirt where the "Bad Things" rapper stars as Tommy Lee in the biopic that properly depicts the very real events by the Mötley Crüe in the 80s. "Yes, it really was like that," MGK previously explained of the scene where the band raged through a hotel and started fires.

"That scene happened in real life, where they set the fire in the hotel room. They were running from the cops and they blamed Mick [Mars for it]."

MGK has now shared more on the filming of the movie and the crazy process that required him to cover up every single one of his tattoos to then get Tommy's tattoos drawn on him. "This process was every day for 4 months straight filming The Dirt, and even longer when we had to add Tommy’s tattoos," MGK captioned the video that shows just how it was done. 

Another video MGK shared on Instagram sees the reactions of his friends when he Facetime's them showing off his inkless body. One of the familiar faces is Halsey, who low-key loses it when seeing her homie without his infamous ink. 

The Dirt is streaming on Netflix right now - peep the trailer here