Machine Gun Kelly has been consistently vocal about feeling under-appreciated and misunderstood in the rap game, and his latest interview with Boss Lady on SiriusXM is no different. The Bad Boy rapper spoke of his confidence in his latest mixtape, his dedicated fanbase, and the fact that he belongs in the top 5 discussion.

"I'm actually going to consider that my second album." MGK said of his recent Black Flag mixtape. "I'm calling it a free album. I think I'm just gonna continue to work these songs, and just do different variations of the production of the songs and release those." he revealed.

The emcee viewed the tape as a special moment in his career. "I really want implant this in people's heads. I don't think I'll ever be in a mindstate like I was when I wrote that," he said, mentioning that listeners felt similarly. "This was my best received project I've ever released. I think this was the one tape where non-fans became fans."

MGK then got into his frustration with the industry, something he still feels discluded from. "I think it's just left now for a couple people to co-sign and get the older industry people to listen to it," he said, indicating that he has felt a lack of respect. "It's not unknown that I've been denied the stage at Coachella."

"I feel like I'm denied access to even being in the class of hip hop," he argued, but felt that he would get the recognition he deserves when his relatively young fanbase reached their age of influence. "I'm excited for the age group I speak for to become the 25 and up. Then they will be the people with the pen and the blogs."

Kelly continued to vent on feeling underrated in general. "If i'm not considered in the top 10 lyricists of right now..." he said, trailing off. "Hands down there's no way I'm not in the top 5." he declared, suggesting that he doesn't appear in the discussion because society pays to much attention to critics and other authorities. "We listen to what's fed to us."

Either way MGK is definitely not underappreciated within his fanbase. "You can't tell my fans that there's a better rapper than MGK." he said.

Watch the full interview below.