Last year, Machine Gun Kelly found himself in an interesting position. For starters, he mounted an assault on one of the game's most beloved megastars, and by proxy, his legion of loyal Stans. That in itself has been seen as a risky proposition, given Em's past history of burying his opponents. Yet when "Rap Devil" came, people on both camps took notice, with many praising Machine Gun's valiant effort; in truth, it may very well be the strongest Eminem diss in recorded history, if only for "your beard is weird." 

 Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Now, it would appear that MGK is looking to pick up where his recent Binge EP left off. With a new Netflix movie The Dirt en route, MGK has taken a moment to remind fans that he is still keeping busy, holding it down behind the scenes. The rapper took to Instagram to announce his upcoming album, at least, in a sense. "The album has a name," he announces, alongside a caption reading "Fu*king Finally." 

You excited for a new effort from the "Rap Devil?" It's unclear whether MGK's recent turn in The Dirt will influence his upcoming work, though would it really be surprising to see Gunner channeling his new friends in Motley Crue?