Fans have had a chance to watch the always candid Machine Gun Kelly grow personally and musically.  Always adapting his “Wild Boy” personae, the Bad Boy artist has been open about his personal growth during the release of his first studio LP.  In a recent interview he talks about the difference in personality between “MGK” and Machine Gun Kelly.   He also mentions some big collabos in the works, including a joint with Meek Mill and Pusha T that will be on MGK’s next mixtape, and mentions recording a record with Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods. 

The Cleveland native felt that after being signed and focusing on Lace Up, that he had stayed true to his music, but personally had drifted away from his truly carefree attitude, “As a person, after I signed my deal and got, the industry kinda engulfs you and sucks your soul out, or tries to.  That’s when Machine Gun Kelly went away and ‘MGK’ came out...and MGK I feel like is just the kidna profession, bland, there’s no soul or substance in him.” Feeling rejuvenated he adds, “as a personality, Machine Gun Kelly is back, that’s the person who doesn’t give two fucks of a fuck.”

Asked about his next mixtape, Kelly reveals a big collabo with Meek Mill and Pusha T on a track called “Peso”,  “I don’t wanna reveal the name [of the tape] yet, I’ll tell ya an exclusive, the first single got Pusha T and Meek Mill on it.  It’s called ‘Peso’.”  Machine Gun Kelly then relates how King Push got involved, “we reached out to Pusha, and Pusha reached back...I threw a crazy sample on’s a joint that makes you wanna get up and go to work.”

That’s not the only big feature he has on upcoming records.  Talking about his relationship with the Taylor Gang General, the Lace Up rapper says they are mostly just friends, but did recently record something.   “I just went there to smoke honestly, me and Wiz have more of a friendly relationship than a music relationship...we ended up doing a song though,” Kelly adds, “Me, him, and Chevy...I was playing him this tape though and he was like ‘I’ll do some shit right now to get on this tape.’”