The brief but heated beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly may be two years past, but the animosity between the two rappers has yet to fade. Spawning diss tracks like "Not Alike," "Rap Devil," and "Killshot," the exchange was easily one of 2018's more captivating musical narratives. It's no wonder that many still retain an interest in the fallout, as evidenced by a recent exchange during MGK's appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

Machine Gun Kelly

Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

"I'm asleep on my tour bus, and this guy drops a fuckin' album with like three songs consecutively talking about me," says Kelly. "What the fuck you think I'ma do? Roll over and go back to sleep? Get the fuck out of here, you're not going to hoe me. I said what I said, and respect the fight -- that's it." Stern looks to a few lyrics from "Rap Devil," insinuating that Eminem is simply too rich to be engaging in such battles. "Money?" chuckles Kelly. "Dawg, the guy down the street has money. This guy has a damn wealth beyond." 

"I'm just a different type though man," says Kelly. "I'm all about putting my arm around people, I'm not with [shunning] people, so I can't relate. The last thing I ever want to be is an angry legend." Stern proceeds to note that the pair actually have a lot in common, citing two fucked-up upbringings. In fact, he even jokes that he would sit them down in a room and read them the riot act until they squash the beef. 

"Maybe I'll do that," considers Howard, as MGK laughs at the proposition. "I'll ambush you with Eminem and we'll have a whole lovefest. It'd be a beautiful thing. I'll put it on TV and make a lot of money." Given Kelly's reaction to the suggestion, it's unlikely that we'll ever see an amicable resolution at any stage. Still, stranger things have happened. Look for MGK's new album Tickets To My Downfall to drop on Friday, September 25th.