Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly are still on the road for their Justin Bieber Big Tour showcasing their wild nights and crazy happenings on and off the stage. More recently, MGK (born Colson Baker) posted a clip to his Instagram that shows one of the more chill evenings on the road when he played a song for an adoring fan who went to his concert and never heard her favorite song. 

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

In the clip below, you can see MGK hop a fence to singing a certain track for a little girl who looks to be under 10-years-old. "This little flower came up to me and said i didn’t play her favorite song at the show so..." he wrote. 

In other MGK news, the "I Think I'm Okay" musician is opening a coffee shop in Cleveland that's called The 27 Club based on legendary acts who died at that age. "The 27 Club is a bunch of artists and entertainers, and popular personalities that have died at the age of 27," MGK said, adding how he wants the shop to inspire positivity in the city. 

"I also want to encourage good highs, like coffee and food and having that kinda bleed through the city instead of some of the other stuff that tends to get out there," he added.