With the success of his first solo album under his belt, Machine Gun Kelly has done some maturing and started to come into his own.  Although he does not party as much as he used to he still does indulge, and the Lace Up rapper even talks about partying with Diddy, and his relationship with DMX which from time to time can involve some Henny.   MGK also talks about his album and how he feels it speaks for “the middle-lower class”. 

Bad Boy CEO, and hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is one of the most savvy business men in not only hip hop, but America.  Kelly reveals that his label CEO can still party, which he found out recently first hand during the weekend at the BET Awards.  In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, MGK says, “This motherfuckin Puff [Diddy] is the party king...this is the first time I’ve officially like [partied with him], this guy’s an Ox.”

DMX appeared on Kelly’s Lace Up album with the track "Demons", and the Bad Boy artist says they actually talk “a decent amount,” and that when he talks to X “he just kicks knowledge.”  But when the booze comes out, DMX reveals his Ruff Ryder self, as MGK explain, “if he drinks Hennessy he barks...every time is serious.”

In more serious discussion, Machine Gun Kelly says Lace Up is a complete album, and not just a compilation of songs, and he feels it speaks for a certain class of people.  “The album’s just a soundtrack for what I’ve been going through the past two years,” Kelly adds, “I feel like just fits in really well with the situation that’s going on in the middle-lower class people’s lives...it’s an album, I made it an album.”