Though it's highly unlikely Dr. Dre and Machine Gun Kelly ever link up to collaborate, what with the whole Eminem beef and all, that doesn't mean the Gunner has any ill will toward the good Doctor. In fact, as any self-respecting hip-hop fan should, Machine Gun Kelly has nothing but respect for Dre's epic catalog of classics. At least that's what we're choosing to infer following his latest quarantine lockdown jam session, which finds him queuing up some "Still Dre" for a quick warm-up. 

Machine Gun Kelly Dr. Dre

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Channeling the spirit of Cypress Hill with a pre-game hit from the bong, Gunner kicks things off with Scott Storch's iconic piano riff,  a riff that helped close out the legendary producer's recent beat battle with Mannie Fresh. Next up comes the drums, which he lays down while flashing a few moves picked up during his time playing Tommie Lee in The Dirt.

Unfortunately, the jam session is cut short, though its not exactly the most dynamic arrangement to begin with, not that it needs to be. Should he consider laying down a longer variant of his "Still Dre" cover, let's not forget that damn near every jam session can always benefit from a little bass. Check out MGK's take on Dr. Dre's classic 2001 single below.