Over the weekend, Machine Gun Kelly was set to perform at a Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall as a promotion for the Source and their annual Power 30 issue.  Initial reports were that the police had shut down the performance, but Kelly has now released a statement saying his quick set was not shortened by the authorities.

Early reports said that MGK was jumping up on tables with valuable laptops and tablets on them and he was destructing property.  In his statement he says that he did not “stomp” on any electronics, and that any police present were not brought in for him.  Kelly says the main issue with the performance was where he should be performing exactly:

Last Friday, I was asked to perform at The Source’s Power 30 reception and honored to do so. My only goal was to give a great performance.  Contrary to what is being reported by the media, I did not stomp on any computers, damage any store property nor were the police called on my behalf. There was some confusion as to where I should perform. But, in the end, it was all resolved. I'd like to thank The Source for the opportunity and let the people at Microsoft know I meant no disrespect.”

Microsoft also issued a statement, saying MGK’s performance was not Microsoft sponsored, and they felt some things in his act were not appropriate for their store:

“On Sept. 28, The Source held a private event at the Microsoft Lenox Square Store. We offer our stores as a venue for the community to use, and this event was not sponsored by Microsoft. While the artist’s behavior was appropriate for a concert, some of it was not appropriate in a store environment."