We're all well aware that Pete Davidson is in a relationship of some sort with actress Kate Beckinsale who is 20-years his senior. Despite the fact that Kate's ex-boyfriend (another youngin' who is 23-years-old) told Pete to "run" and "be careful" regarding Kate, the couple are still at it and Pete's best friend, Machine Gun Kelly is a fan. 

TMZ caught up with MGK recently and asked him what his thoughts were on Pete and Kate. "I love that shit...that shit's tight" he told the paparazzi, adding how he also loves older women. It apparently only took MGK 15-seconds to "figure" her out when it came to her intentions with his friend, but he co-signs her as "great."

As for Kate's obvious love for younger men, MGK says it's because younger guys "rock."


Pete and Kate were first spotted at the top of February holding hands while out in the streets and their romance was confirmed when they couldn't keep their hands off each other at a recent hockey game. Pete's ex, Ariana Grande, also co-signed their relationship calling it "so cute."