If there was any doubt that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are in fact an item, it can almost certainly be put to rest after their latest outing together. These two have been rumoured to be dating for over a month now, and while neither have officially confirmed their relationship, there have been tons of signs that they're romantically involved. The latest indicator came this weekend when the rumoured couple were spotted leaving a bar in a resort city in Riverside County, California, with some friends. While they were on their way out of The Beer Hunter in La Quinta near Palm Springs, MGK decided to sweep Megan off her feet—literally.

He picked up his lady friend and threw her over his shoulders so she didn't have to walk all the way back to their car herself. According to TMZ, the two of them linked up with some buddies at the bar before leaving after less than an hour.

MGK and Megan's speculated romance has been heating up more and more over the past week. Within the span of just a few days, they were spotted holding hands, kissing in his car, and leaving his house after spending the night together. MGK even declared that he was "in love" on his IG story while on a romantic sushi date with Megan. It doesn't get better than that.