Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of our lives at the moment – yes, that even includes the carnal act of "getting it in." Thankfully, we have Machine Gun Kelly to break down the dos and don'ts when it comes to hooking up during this worldwide quarantine going down at the moment.

Machine Gun Kelly Tool Rules Hookups Coronavirus Outbreak social distancing
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

TMZ caught up with Eminem's enemy while in Studio City recently, and they were able to get him to reveal one of his core tips to the "baby boom" that's expected to result from everyone having nothing to do while isolated in their homes. In short, MGK simply agreed that we should all just avoid kissing — swapping spit seems to be one of the key ways of spreading the disease — and strictly stick to, well, sticking it! All jokes aside though, we'd highly recommend you guys (and girls!) avoid hooking up with randos overall and just try to limit your list of partners to no more than you can count on one hand. Or, if you want to be all the way safe, just use your hand.

Peep Machine Gun Kelly's "tool rules" talk with TMZ below, and by all means stay all the way safe out here folks: