In just a few hours, Machine Gun Kelly will share his next project with the world. The rapper-rocker has been counting down the hours until Tickets to My Downfall finally hits streaming services as he's shared videos to his Instagram advising his fans on how to listen to the record. There have been plenty of congratulatory messages sent Machine Gun Kelly's way ahead of Tickets to My Downfall's release, including a note from Drake. It looks as if Drizzy wanted to show MGK some love in his DMs.

"I'm happy for u g you are reinventing and look like you are genuinely enjoying it which is not easy for us," Drake reportedly wrote. "I wish you the best with the new album you always been a real one." Meanwhile, fans aren't sure what to expect from Tickets to My Downfall, but Kelly is no longer concerned with the criticisms over being too rap or too rock. 

“I just want to go against what everyone else thinks,” he recently said. “I make a pop-punk record … and everyone’s like, ‘You switched genres!’ To me, I just added on to the multiple things I’ve already done anyway, but, sure, what a narrow-minded way to look at things.” Check out the screenshot of Drake's DM below.